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Journal Articles

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Book / Book Chapters

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Published Conference Proceedings

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Papers Presented

Cofie, Olufunke. Emerging Issues in Urban Agricultural Development. Invited keynote Paper presented at the 22nd Annual Southwest Zonal Research-Extension-Farmer-Input-Linkage Systems (REFILS) Workshop, 23-27th Feb. 2009, Moor Plantation, Ibadan

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Monographs (Magazines, Newsletters, Handbooks, Posters, etc.)

Olufunke Cofie and René van Veenhuizen, 2008. Sustainable Use of Water in Urban Agriculture. Editorial, Urban Agriculiture Magazine No 20: 3-6

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Project Reports

Adeoti A. Cofie O. O., and Oladele I. 2009. Gender Analysis of The Impact Of Urban Agriculture On   Livelihoods In West Africa. IWMI-RUAF Project Report.45p.

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Emerging Issues in Urban Agriculture Development in West Africa

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