The RUAF Foundation is an international network of resource centers on Urban Agriculture and Food Security which is made up of Partners representing eight defined regions of the world. The partners and their respective regions are: International Water Management Institute (IWMI) representing Anglophone West Africa as well as South and South East Asia, Municipal Development Partnership (MDP) for East and Southern Africa, Promotion of Sustainable Development (IPES) for Latin America and the Caribbean Europe and North America, African Institute for Urban Management (IAGU) for FrancophoneWest Africa, West Africa (Anglophone), Institute of Geographical Sciences and Natural Resource, China, North Africa & Middle East.


The mission of the RUAF Foundation is to contribute to urban poverty reduction, employment generation, food security, participatory city governance and improved urban environmental management, by creating enabling conditions for empowerment of male and female urban and peri-urban farmers, developing the capacity of local authorities and other stakeholders and facilitating the integration of urban agriculture in gender-sensitive policies and action programmes of local governments, civic society organisations and private enterprises through participatory approaches.
To achieve this, RUAF Partners conduct training and action research ,provide  technical support and policy advice to local and national governments, producer organizations, NGO’s and other stakeholders covering 21 cities in 15 countries globally. Read more… The International Water Management Institute Office in Ghana serves as the RUAF Coordination centre for Anglophone West Africa. IWMI-RUAF collaborates with strategic partners including government parastatals, NGOs, media houses, farmer organizations as well as research and training institutions in focus cities to implement project activities.

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