Accra background information

1. Exploratory Study on Urban Agriculture in Accra

The exploratory survey component of RUAF-CFF project seeks to study, identify and analyze all the underlying issues of urban agriculture from the kinds of crops available to the existing policy framework governing urban agriculture in the city of Accra. The Accra exploratory study conducted comprises four main components as further described in the exploratory document. View Report

2. Regional Training of Trainers

The Regional training of trainers programme held in Accra in September 2005 served as a preparatory step for the training on Multi-stakeholder Processes for Action planning and Policy formulation (MPAP) in Anglophone West Africa. It was to strengthen the capacities of resource persons that will play a role as trainers or facilitators in the implementation of the various CFF training activities in the region.


Participants at the training of trainers workshop on a field visit to some vegetable farms in Accra

3. Training on Multi-stakeholder process and the Multi-stakeholder Forum

The multi-stakeholder processes in Accra aim to enhance the capacities of the local urban agriculture stakeholders to integrate urban agriculture into the policies and plans of municipal authorities andother relevant institutions. To achieve this, the project organized specialized training on thematic issues related to UPA and on multi-stakeholder processes for policy formation and action planning (MPAP). At the first multi-stakeholder forum held in November 2005, the Accra Working Group on Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture (AWGUPA) was formed. The multi-stakeholder forum adopts participatory and gender sensitive approach to ensure equal participation from all stakeholders.View report


Accra Multi-stakeholder Forum members at an MPAP training workshop organized in Accra by RUAF-IWMI

4. Policy Seminar Series
The Policy seminar series aim at establishing partnership with policy makers in Accra as a city and in Ghana as a whole, and to create awareness on the importance of urban agriculture to urban food security and local economic development. It also provides the opportunity to discuss strategies that can be used to minimize the perceived risks associated with urban agriculture as well as the outcome of multi-stakeholder forum. At the first seminar co-organized by MoFA, FAO, CSIR and IWMI-RUAF in December 2005, a statement of concensus in support of UPA was released by the policy makers. View report . Subsequently, several other policy seminars have been held especially withthe Accra Metropolitan Assembly


Participants at an urban Agriculture seminar organized for decision makers at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly

5. Pilot Project on Policy Support

The Accra pilot project implemented from 2006-2008 provided an opportunity  for the stakeholders who constitute the Accra Working Group, AWGUPA to work together for the development of urban and peri-urban agriculture in the city. The pilot project was necessitated by the need to create awareness, provide education and policy support for urban agriculture as contributing to food security and poverty  reduction in Accra. A major feature of this project was the participatory revision of the Bye-Law on urban agriculture in AMA thereby contributing to participatory governance. View report

RUAF Officials interacting with urban and peri-urban farmers during field visits

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