Ibadan Background Information


1. Exploratory Study on Urban Agriculture (UA) in Ibadan

The exploratory study on urban agriculture in Ibadan seeks to explore all areas of urban agriculture. This enables the local stakeholders to have full understanding of underlying issues of urban agriculture for the appropriate intervention. The study was conducted by the local MPAP team using participatory and gender sensitive approaches.

The study involved four main components as contained in the Ibadan Exploratory Study on Urban Agriculture document. View

2. Training on Multi-stakeholder Processes and the Forum

The multi-stakeholder processes component of the project, seeks to strengthen the capacities of stakeholder of urban agriculture. This will enable the institutions and individuals participating in the Ibadan Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture Project (IUPAP) to successfully implement the local Multi-stakeholder Processes for Policy formulation and Action Planning (MPAP) in Ibadan. Within the project, multi-stakeholder forum provides the platform for an effective dialogue and interactions among all stakeholders in the urban agriculture sector.

Through the multi-stakeholder processes, two separate trainings, titled MPAP I & II were organized for the local stake-holders in Ibadan, which involved Government ministries, Local Governments, Research, Farmer Organizations and other practitioners. View report


Members of the Ibadan Multi-stakeholder Forum at an MPAP meeting in Ibadan

3. Policy Seminar

The seminar aims at providing a common platform for dialogue between the Ibadan working Group (IUPAP) and Policy makers. The Ibadan policy seminar was used as a platform to create the awareness on the importance of urban agriculture to urban food security and local development. It was also used to establish political support and commitment for the development of urban agriculture in Ibadan. View report


Participants at a  seminar organized by IWMI-RUAF for Policy Makers in Ibadan

4. Pilot Project on improved irrigated vegetable prodcution

The Ibadan Pilot project aims to improve upon the efficiency of urban and peri-urban agriculture production and processing systems in Ibadan. Within this project, the multi-stakeholder city team seeks to build target farmers’ capacities on technological innovations, and link farmers to NGOs and projects with micro-credit grants, sensitize farmers on need for networking with other stakeholders in the agricultural industry. The project also seeks to utilize the Farmer Field School (FFS) method to introduce farmers to improved farm practices. View report


IWMI-RUAF and IUPAP Officials on fields visits to pilot project communities in Ibadan

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